2 April 2012

OWOPing All Over the World!

Phew! Checking out 105 OWOP entries takes aaaaages! But I had so much fun oohing and ahhing over everyone's fabulous submissions that I can't complain. Who knew compiling an uber spreadsheet could be so enjoyable?

For those of you who loved the pie charts - don't be ashamed - you'll love this. I was so excited when Dr Helen offered to crunch the data in a professional statistical analysis system she uses at work. She produced yet more charts and tested out the hypothesis that there is a correlation between pattern company and garment type. The results? No correlation! So now we know. Thanks Helen!

I wish I could feature everyone's submissions in this post but with 105 participants you'll have to consult the spreadsheet otherwise this post would be so long it'd crash your computer. But here is just a mini selection of highlights:

I'm totally in love with Andrea's multiple versions of New Look 6104. Such a simple pattern but she's cleverly designed every one of her makes to look totally different to the others...

... as did Oona. "Is that really the same pattern?!" I kept asking myself. But it is!

I loved Jacq C's Sorbetto photos featuring placards and family members - adorable! Jacq says “I've just been making clothes for myself since Feb so this is my only multiple make - 5 to date... I've got a bit of practice with different techniques... I'm pretty confident with french seams now, bias binding and making a facing, I even did Mena's ruffle neckline on my Liberty Sorbetto... And using different fabrics has made me get to grips with different needles and tension settings - which feels really scary!"

How gorgeous is Marie's floral Renfrew? Her clever choice of fabric has made a casual t-shirt look seriously stylish. I love everything about these two outfits. Check out her boyfriend's commentary on her OWOP outfits!

Maider wore the Minna blouse from Salme Sewing Patterns. Great to see so many lovely versions of a pattern I'm not familiar with from a smaller designer.


I'm a big fan of everything Paunnet makes so I was excited to see her multiple versions of the new-ish Banksia pattern from Megan Nielsen. So lovely.

And finally I feel a special mention should go to those OWOPers who wore trousers. The stats analysis revealed that not many people chose them and, in fact, not many of us dare sew them. I love this photo of Leah in her Clovers - put down the coffee, lady!

Good work, everybody! I'm super chuffed that so many people played along and had such fun in the process. I think we deserve some prizes, don't you? In case you hadn't noticed, there are three fabulous giveaways to celebrate OWOP! - you can win patterns from Sewaholic, Colette Patterns and Simplicity. Enjoy!

[Soundtrack: 'Black Gold of the Sun' by Nuyorican Soul]