25 June 2012

Sewing Social: The Debrief

Want to know...

  • All about our plans for a sewing flash mob?
  • Who's dreaming of setting up a sewing cocktail bar?*
  • What the fabric for a Twitter-themed dress looks like?

Well you should have been at yesterday's inaugural Sewing Social Twitter Chat then!**

It was such fun chatting in real time with stitching fans. So many people joined in and the conversation was so animated that at one point #sewingsocial was trending above #Euro2012! How cool are we?! (On second thoughts, don't answer that.) Shame on those of you who thought the international football tournament was more important.

Image courtesy of Fiona at The Sewing Directory

Update! Marie has put together a Tweetdoc (me neither) capturing some of the conversation. Most strikingly it reveals that the first ever Sewing Social had 79 participants!

So it's safe to say the Sewing Social was a success, and participants agreed we should make it a monthly rendez-vous. Suggestions for future topics to kick off the next discussion include:

  • Sewing tips and tricks
  • How you learn to sew
  • Sewing fears
  • How to be a productive stitcher
  • Sources of sewing inspiration

Do suggest any other ideas you have and I'll announce the topic, time and date for the next chat nearer the time. Yay!

* Okay so you can probably guess that one!
** Residents of Asia, Oz etc excused.