18 June 2012

Sewing Social Twitter Chat!

Hey,  how about we get together for a Twitter chat next Sunday?

One of the best things about the online sewing community is how friendly and interactive it is. And yet, as posts, comments and replies are temporally staggered, there is a sense in which the conversations are interrupted and don't flow as naturally as they could (well, as natural as is possible online). So how about we try to have an online meet-up in real time through a Twitter chat?

Sunday 24th June
8 - 9pm London / 3 - 4pm New York / 12 - 1pm LA etc
(with apologies to the people who will be asleep!)

On Twitter using the hashtag #sewingsocial
My Twitter name is @TillyVanilly if you want to follow me ready for kick off.

What shall we talk about?
How about we have a chat about why we sew. What does sewing mean to you? What inspires you to sew? Why do you enjoy it? What made you start sewing? What's the best thing about sewing? What frustrations do you have with sewing and how do you overcome them? Why should other people try sewing?
And if that gets boring (as if!) we could always move on to other topics.

Hoping you can join me and I won't be Tilly No Mates on Twitter!! If you'll be there, do help spread the word in advance so we get a nice group of people together. If it's good, perhaps we could turn it into a monthly date? I'm sure we can think of loads of topics to discuss!