12 June 2012

What's On My Sewing Table

The very unglamorous beginnings of a new pattern design, drafted by moi. It's going to be a button-down blouse with a one piece front-and-back yoke, gathering, pussy bow collar and floaty sleeves. Or that's the initial idea, but just like the button-back blouse I drafted it'll probably mutate over time as I make a series of iterations, each of them slightly different.

The finished blouse will be made in chocolate brown polka dots - this yellow cotton is just for the toile. The first toile looks like such a mess, hastily basted together, but it's important to not be precious about it as it's just the very first test version. When flat pattern cutting, I often get sucked into perfecting the paper version, but until you see what it looks like in fabric on the stand you can't really tell how you're going to want to change it. And now that's in on the stand I feel like the shape needs some radical changes. So it's a slow process... but hopefully worth it in the end!

[Soundtrack: 'Ooh, Yeh Yeh' by Graham Coxon]