1 July 2012

Help! Is it Time for the Repairs Shop?

UPDATE! Thanks to my lovely readers, it's fixed! Just saved myself three million pounds! Wooop!

Readers, I need your help! I usually try to keep this blog positive (who wants to read about other people's problems, eh?), but today I just want to scream... arrrrrrrgggghhhhh! I think my sewing machine is broken. And what are friends for if not to offer help and advice when needed? If anyone can help me with this I'd be really grateful.

The feed dogs are laying low, so my fabric won't move when I try to sew. Can you see that massive gap between the feed dogs and needle plate? I cleaned it the other day so there's no lint or anything stuck in it. I think it might be a problem with the feed dog lever or spring or whatever makes it go up and down. It moves, but only an eeny weeny bit.

Is it time for the repair shop? Can you recommend a sewing machine repairs place, preferably in South London (somewhere near Brixton), alternatively Central London (near Oxford Circus)? Am I going to have to pay three million pounds to get it fixed?!

This is especially irritating as I was getting really stuck into my pussy bow blouse and was hoping to have the final toile finished today. And just as I realised the machine was broken, the rain started pouring on what was previously a sunny day in London :(

Thank you so much to everyone who chipped in and helped me fix my machine - I love you guys!