10 July 2012

Life's Too Short Skirt

My sewing philosophy is that life is just too short for slip stitch. Perhaps that's part of the reason I fell head over heels in love with this Summersville fabric, gifted by Annie at The Village Haberdashery. The freestyle line design is just begging for slapdash machine topstitching, and who am I to argue ;)

Spot the slapdash topstitching... (bet you can't)

A truly stuck zipper

I made this simple gathered skirt partly using Gertie's tutorial, partly adapting it. I only stitched one long edge of the waistband before attaching the skirt pieces and zipper, so that I could close the sides of the waistband over the zipper, keeping it all looking neat and saving some of the waistband ease. (That sentence will only make sense if you follow the tutorial!) I had a bit of a mishap with the invisible zipper, which got stuck while I was trying it on. I had to literally rip it off myself and buy a new zipper, being careful to reduce the bulk at the waistband, which was where it seemed to be catching.

Apart from that, it was simple to make, and I even made friends with my serger in the process! Check out my lovely finished seams...

[Soundtrack: 'I'm Wondering' by Stevie Wonder]