6 July 2012

Your Picnic Blanket Skirts

The Pin and Thimble                                       Kim-ing

It's awesome to see Picnic Blanket Skirts popping up all over the internet! I love how cute it looks in all these different fabrics. These ladies are making me want to whip up another... and another... and...

If you want to sew your own this weekend, here's part one of the tutorial.

[Soundtrack: 'Don't Leave Me [Ne Me Quitte Pas]' by Regina Spektor]


  1. aww I hadnt seen the one with the beach huts! Too cute! Thank you for featuring mine as well! I have already ordered more fabric to make more! :D I really would love a kitsch print around tea time too, a bit like Sew busy lizzy´s. It is a great enjoyable project! Thanks for the tutorial again! :D

  2. Fabulous skirts! I particularly love A Sewing Odyssey's beach hut one. So cute.

  3. Thanks for featuring my skirt! It's lovely to see the different interpretations of your pattern.

  4. Everyone is absolutely adorable!
    I'm making one up as the skirt half of a shirtdress right now, and your tutorial is super helpful and spot on... thank you!

  5. How great to see such gorgeous skirts in one post! I seriously love Karen's skirt, channelling a touch of grunge. Thanks for the tutorial and for featuring me ;o)

  6. I'm late, here is my version:
    Thanks a lot!

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