24 July 2012

Sewing Social no. 2

After the runaway success of last month's Sewing Social Twitter Chat (trending above the European football championship, thank you very much), it's high time we do it again!

Sunday 29th July
8 - 9pm London / 3 - 4pm New York / 12 - 1pm LA etc

On Twitter using the hashtag #sewingsocial
My Twitter name is @TillyVanilly if you want to follow me ready for kick off
Tip: Tweetchat is a really useful platform for following hashtag threads without having to refresh the page

What shall we talk about?
This month's topic will be learning to sew:

  • How did you first learn to sew?
  • How do you continue to develop your skills?
  • What do you think of IRL classes, online courses, videos, books, blogs, photos, diagrams...?
  • What puts people off learning to sew?

"But I live in Australia / Asia so I'll be asleep at that time..."
I know, I'm really sorry but I can't find a time that will please everyone :( So how about someone from that side of the globe volunteer to coordinate and lead the same chat but at a different time? Then you could create a Tweetdoc of the conversation, email it to me and I'll add it to the debrief post so we can link them up and share results. Anyone want to do this? You can organise a group in the comments.

And finally...

I'm going to be a bit quiet this week. Firstly because I'm going to have rubbish internet connection for a few days. And secondly because my hand looks like this and I'm really struggling to type. I stupidly stabbed myself in the hand trying to remove an avocado stone - what an idiot!! I hit a nerve which has made one of my fingers partially numb, partially experiencing a horrible pins and needles sensation - really not very pleasant. Apparently nerves take ages to heal though, so I'm just trying to get used to the feeling :(

So basically I'm going to be a bit quiet for a few days, checking in when I can. In the meantime it'd be really great if you could help keep up the momentum for the Sewing Social by reminding people on your blog, on Twitter or whatever. Thank you!!

[Soundtrack: 'High and Dry' by Radiohead]