3 August 2012

Blouse Progress... or not...

Has your Summer sewing slowed down as much as mine has? I'm feeling extremely frustrated at the moment as I just can't find any window in which to make progress on my self-drafted pussy bow blouse (I just had to scroll through pages and pages of my blog to get to my previous post about it - eek!). Above you can see the very unglamorous final toile in yellow, complete with notes to self written on the fabric and some delightfully shoddy stitching. I'm itching to cut out the first real version in chocolate polka dot cotton (what else? You know my taste by now), but my diary has been chockablock... including a wonderful work assignment to a film festival in Croatia - yes, I should really stop moaning.

Is it time for me to revisit the Sewing Productivity Project?! Are you managing to get some sewing done this Summer? How do you fit it in? Or have you temporarily abandoned indoor pursuits?

What I have done though is finish my vintage dress refashion. Photos coming soon, I promise!

[Soundtrack: 'Can I Change My Mind' by Tyrone Davis]