17 August 2012

Club Tropicana Embroidery - Join Me!

Sewing machine won't fit in your beach bag?
Worried you'll get sand in your bobbins?
Never fear - take your embroidery to the beach instead!

I'll be running an embroidery table at the upcoming Club Tropicana-themed edition of The Make Escape on 28th August. Yes that's right, Club Tropicana-themed embroidery. It would be so awesome if you came along and said hello!

Hackney Attic, 5th floor of the Hackney Picturehouse E8 1HE - you have to ask at the cinema box office for a free ticket to get upstairs

7.30 - 10.30pm, Tuesday 28th August 2012

The Make Escape is a friendly night of making things, making a mess, having a go and having a drink. Seriously y'all, it's a really great night, run by the lovely Momtaz, who you won't be able to miss - she's the gorgeous lady with the pink hair and huge smile. They'll be lots of crafty stuff going on, or you could just have a drink and a chat!

How much?
It's free! With special thanks to the Village Haberdashery for donating the embroidery materials we'll be using on the night.

Great, see you then!


  1. I love embroidery, shame it's too close for my MBA dissertation due date. Would go next time for sure....

  2. this sounds ace. i am going to try and come!

  3. Sounds like fun! Have a great time. Love your blog.Please feel free to visit me.

  4. This is funny cause I JUST bought a book on Victorian style embroidery, including ribbon embroidery.

  5. That looks like fun! I love your hat and your swimsuit. So gorgeous!

  6. I love your swimsuit, lovely and retro! Also, the book in the photo intruiged me, so I looked it up, got a used copy and the movie that was made of said book in the 1970's. Can't wait till they arrive!

  7. That photo is so summery, makes me want to go to the beach!

  8. don't see why the sewing machine won't fit in the beach bag ;-)


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