7 June 2013

Talking Slow Fashion with Pharrell (sort of)

Check this out! Tis moi, talking handmade style in a fashion video exec produced by none other than Pharrell Williams!!! Alas, that didn't mean he was standing behind the camera with a clipboard, it's just for his website and YouTube channel, but a girl can dream that maybe just maybe he'll watch it and be inspired to hand paint his own Breton top or maybe write a song about sewing, possibly called 'Toile It Up, Baby'. Watch out for me gyrating in his next music video... it could happen! (Oh and do please excuse that bulge in my pocket - it's my watch, not a packet of sweeties, honest.)

[Soundtrack: 'Frontin' by Pharrell - my man was horrified when I performed the entire Jay-Z rap section while listening to this the other day]