25 June 2013

What's On My Sewing Table...

Summer dress time! I'm making Simplicity 0331 designed by Cynthia Rowley, view A. It's a fairly loose fitting casual-ish dress with gathering at the yoke, bust, waist... pretty much all over the place in fact, and the all-important side seam pockets for carrying essential sweeties. The swallow print fabric is courtesy of the Fabric Godmother. Gah! I just can't stop swooning over it! Crafter cliché-fulfilling bird print? Tick. Super soft and drapey? Tick. Most beautiful blue I think I've ever seen? Tick tick tick! It's like staring into the sky on a beautiful Summer's day... albeit with a Hitchcockian number of birds in the sky... um... on second thoughts that's a bit freaky, so let's just call it abstract rather than realist.

What's on your sewing table, please?

[Soundtrack: 'Scarecrow' by Beck]