14 June 2013

Pattern Hack! Short Sleeve Mathilde

Want to make a Summer-worthy Mathilde blouse? Changing the sleeves to short, floaty ones without cuffs is sooo easy! Here's how to do it, as demonstrated on my gathered version...

1) Trace off your sleeve pattern piece or simply reprint pages 1-4 and 7-10. (The pattern is available to download here.)

2) Decide how long or short you want your sleeves to be, measuring down from your armpit. Add 2.7cm or 1 1/8" (15mm / 5/8" for the armhole seam allowance and 12mm / 1/2" for the sleeve hem). Measure this distance down the side seams on each side of the pattern and mark it on.

3) At each of the points you've just marked, draw a very short line at right angles to the side seam, then draw a smooth, shallow curve between these two lines, similar in curvature to the original hemline. A curved ruler of some kind will help here. This is your new cutting line.

4) Cut out your fabric and stitch your sleeve as normal, but when it comes to finishing the hemline, fold the raw edge under 6mm / 1/4" (wrong sides together) and press, repeat, then stitch close to the folded edge.

Et voilà! Lovely floaty Summer sleeves. Check out other Mathilde Blouse variations:
Mathilde dress
Without tucks
Gathered bodice


  1. Could you do a pattern hack with tulip sleeves? I love the blouse but would like less floppy sleeves... :)

  2. Now that is cute! I like this version much better than with the longer sleeves.

  3. I can't wait to try this! I love my original version, but this will be perfect for summer!

  4. I love this short sleeve version so much. It's the perfect summer top, especially in Liberty.

  5. Thank you Tilly, I just found this tutorial! Silly me for not looking a bit harder. Very excited to show you my fibished Mathilde in Robert Kaufman London Calling lawn! Thanks for such a great blog, I really enjoy reading it x

  6. Very lovely blouse!
    Maybe I am confusing.
    2)Add 2.7cm (15mm / 5/8" for the armhole seam allowance,...)
    I thought 15mm armhole seam allowance is included in pattern already. Isn't it okay to add 12mm / 1/2" for the sleeve hem, is it?


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