27 December 2013

My Favourite Posts of 2013

I hope you had a lovely Christmas if you celebrate it, or used the excuse to chillaxercise and eat lots of food even if you don't! As 2013 draws to a close, I'm taking some time to slow down and reflect on everything that has happened over the last 12 months. This blog has brought me some Big Things this year, which I'll write more about in another post, but for now I wanted to look back at what happened in 2013 on the blog itself and revisit some of my favourite posts...

I began the year by adding to the hugely popular Learn to Sew series with practical and encouraging posts for sewing novices, such as Marking & Cutting Fabric, How to Insert a Sleeve and How to Sew French Seams.

I released my Mathilde Blouse sewing pattern for instant download at the end of January, followed by the Miette skirt in early April, sharing detailed photo step-by-step instructions here and here. We also created some pattern hacks, including Katy's Mathilde dress and my Scallop Pocket Miette.

A Day in the Life offered us a sneaky peek into the everyday routines of inspirational people who have made a career out of stitching, including Deer & Doe, Mr X Stitch and The Village Haberdashery. Plenty more to come in 2014!

I made lots of stuff, including another Picnic Blanket Skirt, the Blue Swallows Dress and Not Too Mini Moss. My favourite make of the year was my Clergy Chic Jacket Moonrise Kingdom Jacket.

The Hints & Tips series became a thing, including Fabric Shopping Online, Sewing for Your Style and Five or Six Ways to Sew a Dart.

I got to talk slow fashion with Pharrell... sort of...

And last but not least, a little Christmas prezzie for you to end the year - a free pattern and instructions on How to Make a (fake) Fur Collar. Enjoy!

Thanks so much for reading the blog this year and for leaving such thoughtful/insightful/hilarious comments :) I hope you'll stick around next year too...


  1. Thank you Tilly....Have a Crafty New Year!

  2. Lots of lovely posts. I like/need the learn to sew posts. :) And Im looking forward to making your fur collar. Thanks for sharing Tilly.

  3. I only just found you this year (when I was looking for a DIY tailor's ham), so this is great for me. Bookmarking this post...

  4. i found your blog this year and really like it.
    Have a good start in 2014

  5. My first year following you Tilly and I enjoyed so many of your posts...The Great British Sewing Bee must have also been a defining moment for you even though that wouldn't qualify as a favourite post I suppose (although I remember a few!) :)

  6. Thank you. I have learnt so much from you from sewing some lovely items including a mathilde to starting a blog. It all been so much fun and your tutorials have really helped. Look forward to sewing more of your patterns, especially from your book. Moonrise kingdom is an awesome film and your jacket is beautiful. Happy new year x

  7. Happy New Year, Tilly. I'm so happy for you and your exciting Big Things! :)

  8. Tilly I have loved your blog this year and you have been a total inspiration to me and I cannot wait for your book to be published. My own sewing journey has been moving along slowly but I am keeping at it and enjoying every minute of it due to the wonderful bloggers like yourself who I have been following. Thank you Tilly you are the bestest. Have a most wonderful New Year and onwards to 2014.
    Big New Year hugs

  9. Love your blog, Tilly!!! Happy New Year to you! :)

  10. You had a great year, Tilly, and I loved following along at every step. It's hard for me to say which one of your posts was my favorite because they were all pretty freaking awesome/useful/insightful. Even the series on basic sewing - even I forget the simple rules of our hobby!


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