25 March 2014

More of Your Cocos! (part 2)

Wow. Just wow. The Coco party last Friday was SO MUCH FUN! You guys totally overwhelmed me with your amazing versions of the Coco sewing pattern and brilliant party photos. The internet's great, isn't it?

Diana + Camille
There was socialising...

Sue + Lucinda + Under Alteration
... there was dancing...

Cocos by Stephanie - swoon!
... lots of Instagramming...

Rosie Wednesday and Tea for Two
... we had cheese and wine...

... Nadia arrived fashionably late in this amazing Coco made by David, but we forgave her because she looked so ruddy fabulous...

Nikki + Renee
... there were party hats and bunting...

The Red Carpet Project + Jennifer's kitty cat
... even the pets got involved!

Oh yes, and there is one more person worth mentioning. I promised to send a signed copy of my book when it's out to one of the guests, and after much deliberation and soul-searching, I've chosen someone who has made no less than four Cocos, all totally different, and all absolutely adorable...

Janet! Yay!

There were loads more guests at the party with lots of amazing Cocos - I'm sorry there isn't room to mention everyone, but do go and look at the gallery to see what they've made. You've given me so many ideas for more Cocos!

Cheers everyone!


  1. No thank YOU Tilly, for hosting such a fab party :)

  2. Thank you for the fabulous pattern! I know I will make more soon. Seeing all the others I have more ideas.

  3. I had so much fun attending your online party Tilly. What a success and Nadia is over the moon to be featured on your blog! She says it beats Vogue anyday! She apologises again for being late but asked me to tell you she had a whale of a time - she particularly enjoyed the free cocktails and had to nurse a hangover the following day. As for me, the modest sewer, thank you so much for liking my version of the Coco dress and for providing all of us with such a fantastic and versatile pattern to work on.

  4. I absolutely love Nadia's coco! Great choice of fabric.

  5. Wow! Thanks for book. Am totally chuffed to be picked - and have been so inspired by everyone else's Coco dresses. I have plans for several more in the future - thanks again for the pattern. My GAP t shirt habit is fast becoming a thing of the past now I have the confidence to make my own. :)

  6. I absolutely love Janet versions! Don't know which one to choose. All are lovely!! And yours too :)


  7. Love the hounds-tooth Coco - very classic


  8. Ham sandwiches! Look at those fantastic Cocos! I love the funnel neck version and that houndstooth Coco is awesome!

  9. So so so many fun cocos!!! Ohhhhh....which one to sew up??? :)

  10. Have you seen this great bedtime coco? Love it! http://stitchandwitter.com/2014/03/25/bedtime-coco-anyone/

  11. I had the best time at the Coco party. It was lovely to see how everyone put their own stamp on the design. I've made a lovely navy and cream number and am going to make a couple of tops, probably this week.

  12. I just received my pattern in the post today - am so excited to get started and I'm really inspired by all these fabulous creations :)

  13. It's a great pattern Tilly! I just posted about my floral Coco top on my blog. Please do take a look. It's at http://www.carolineparadigmdesign.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/springtime-coco.html.
    Caroline x

  14. This was so much fun! I love seeing everyone's creativity. I pulled a muscle in my back and missed getting my photos up - but here's a collage of my, gulp, 5 so far :D. No doubt there will be a few tops later on as well!

  15. Just finished my first Coco. Too late for the party but I am pleased with it.Thank you. If you have time please take a peek at my Coco blog entry nickytriggs on WordPress.


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