7 March 2014

Sewing Coco 5: Add the Pockets

Ready to finish Coco? Let’s make some pockets!

The pattern comes with two different sizes of pocket piece – you get to choose which size to add, how many to add, where to add them, or whether to leave them off altogether! I’ve added one small pocket to the chest of my Coco top, and two large pockets to the hip area on my Coco dress. You could choose matching fabric or a contrast colour or print – how about adding a pretty floral pocket to a bold top, or rotating the direction of the stripes on the pocket?

Once you’ve cut out your pocket or pockets, fold the top edge of each piece over by 15mm (5/8 in), right sides together, and press. Straight stitch down either side of just this folded edge.

Now to turn this fold right sides out. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I prefer to fold corners rather than snipping them, as they’ll be stronger, sturdier and less likely to form a hole. Fold one of the seam allowances along one of the short lines you’ve just stitched towards the flap you've just folded (see the picture). Holding it in place with finger and thumb, turn the corner right side out. Do the same on the other side.

If the corner doesn’t look much like a corner, you can use the tip of a pin to very gently ease the fabric out into a right angle (be careful not to poke a hole in the fabric).

Fold and press the remaining three edges of each pocket piece under by 15mm (5/8 in), wrong sides together.

Now you can try your Coco on and choose where you want the pocket(s) to go. Pin each pocket in your chosen position on the outside of the garment, the wrong side of the pocket against the right side of the garment. Take the garment off and check the pockets are symmetrical and straight.

Leaving the top edge unstitched, and being careful not to sew through the back of the garment (doh!), straight topstitch the other three sides of each pocket to the front of the garment, 5mm (1/4 in) from the edges (I like to use the edge of my presser foot as a guide). At either end of the stitching line, sew a small triangle shape – this will help strengthen the pocket opening.

Now give everything a final press and…

Voilà! Bust out the cocktails, you’ve made a lovely Coco!

I hope you enjoyed this sewalong. If you want to catch up at any time, the steps will remain on the Coco page. And if you have any questions, do ask in the comments.

And now I’m itching to see what you’ve made! Please leave a link to a photo in the comments or tweet me using the hashtag #SewingCoco. If you share your photo, it may end up on the Pinterest Coco gallery or featured in a future post on this blog (large, light, focused photos preferred!).

Can't wait to see!