17 March 2014

Your Cocos! (part 1)

Wow! You guys are making such gorgeous creations with the Coco sewing pattern! I love the fact that they're all so different - it's fantastic to see how you interpret the design and it just goes to show how versatile a sewing pattern can be. Here are just a few of the Cocos popping up around the internets...

I wonder whether Adey could hear me screaming from Singapore when I saw her incredible nautical chic Coco? Eeeeeeeeep! Toooo cuuuuuute!!!

Rachel has made not one but two Cocos (so far?) - the first out of a snuggly upcycled blanket, the second with two-tone sleeves. So creative!

Lynne made a beautiful emerald green Ponte dress (I might just have to copy this idea). French Seams paired her classic Breton Coco with her denim Miette skirt - perfect outfit, if you ask me!

I'm not the only one to try colour-blocking Coco (my version here). I love what Cheryl has done with her smart grey Coco dress. Dressing the Role made the hem and cuffs in a contrast colour - I'm itching to make one just like this, maybe in black and white. And Lauren made contrast colour pockets - this version has me dreaming of wearing short sleeved Coco dresses all summer long.

But you don't have to go wild with Coco. LaurenJanene and Kirsty have all made super simple, super chic versions of the funnel neck top. Just add capris and ballet flats. Very Audrey, non?

Many of you have commented on how fast and satisfying Coco is to sew. Joanne pulled herself out of a sewing funk with her speedy animal print Coco, and Karen's helped her get over her jet lag! Don't say I don't ever do anything for you...

Keep them coming, y'all! There are more Cocos (and RTW ideas for Coco variations) on the Pinterest gallery. If you want to show me what you've made, you can leave a comment on the blog with a link, or you can tweet me or post to Instagram or Pinterest using the hashtag #SewingCoco.

And don't forget that this Friday is the Coco Party! Post a photo (or lots of photos!) of yourself wearing your Coco top or dress, even better with a cocktail/mocktail/party paraphernalia, on your blog / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest any time on Friday. Use the hashtag #SewingCoco so we can all find each other and make new sewing friends, and tweet me or leave a link on my blog so I can help share some photos! And, in your post, feel free to recommend a tune for the party playlist! I'd better make a start on the sausage rolls...