15 May 2014

In Conversation... With Cath Kidston!

Do you remember I invited you to my pop-up shop at Makegood festival? The creative start-ups event at the Old Selfridges Hotel at the end of May? Well... they've just announced the stonking speaker programme that runs alongside the shopping event, and one of the speakers is Cath Kidston - someone I really admire for the way she set up and grew her business. I can't get on the tube without seeing at least three Cath Kidston bags per carriage, and everywhere I turn I spot a brand that has clearly been influenced by the iconic nostalgic-country-kitsch style that she pioneered.

So imagine my surprise (okay, complete shock) when I found out who they wanted to interview her live on stage... [deep breaths]... little me!!! How exciting is THAT? I'll be in conversation with Cath ("Cath" - check me out, showing off with first name terms) on Friday 30th May early afternoon (I believe it'll be around 2pm but don't quote me on that in case it changes) - UPDATE: the slot has now changed to 4pm.

And you can come! If you haven't got your ticket yet, get it NOW! Choose the 'Friday VIP & Industry Day' ticket if you want to hear Cath Kidston or, if you can't make that day, choose a Saturday or Sunday ticket and pop by the Tilly and the Buttons stand to say hello. I'll be there all weekend signing books and showcasing my patterns (plus another little product whose design you may have been involved in if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram...). You can read more about the weekend on the Makegood website, find out who else is on the speaker programme, or take a look at the Cath Kidston blog. You won't want to miss it, the businesses showcasing there are amaaazing!

Have you read Cath Kidston's book, Coming Up Roses? It's a fascinating, honest and very readable account of how she built her business. I got my hands on a copy a few months ago and devoured it in a single sitting. Check it out if you're interested in that sort of thing, it's such a great read.

Hope to see you at Makegood!


  1. your so lucky I adore cath kidston!

  2. Gutted :-( I will have to miss this awesome opportunity as I am working that day. I will see you on the Sunday though and am looking forward to getting my hands on your new book and a couple of patterns to try too

  3. That's amazing, congratulations!

    It was great to meet you at Blogtacular this weekend - I've been reading through your book and it's so inspirational and exciting - can't wait to get started!

    I've put a picture of us in my latest blog post about Blogtacular. I hope that's ok - let me know if you'd like me to remove it and I will!

    The post is here: http://dinkidots.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/blogtacular.html

    Thanks, Maria x

  4. Squeeeeee!!!! You are so lucky!! Congratulations!!

  5. Congratulations! I myself own handbags and purses of Cath Kidston. How amazing you are interviewing her.. Many congratulations again to you.

  6. That's great Tilly!! I met Cath Kidston in her Chiswick shop around Xmas time (I think she was doing her own Christmas shopping there....) and she was lovely. I was a bit starstruck and she signed me an autograph....
    I am not sure whether I will be able to make it to Makewood as I have 3 kids and don't know whether the allow kids to the event but if I go and I bring your book, would you be able to sign it for me?
    Pati x

    1. Makegoods website says up to 4 under 12s go free with a paying adult so I guess we're ok. :)

  7. Wow, Cath Kidston. She's going to be fascinating to chat to. I remember when she had one shop down in Notting Hill and her brand was relatively unknown. Now she's got a store in practically every town and city.

  8. How fabulous. I bet you're looking forward to it. Well done!

  9. Wow Tilly how fantastic for you, I just wish I could get to see you in London, hopefully one day......have a fabulous weekend. I am going to have another go at your Coco top after my first disaster, this time with the correct fabric - fingers crossed. A great post as always, big hugs

  10. Hi Tilly - quick question. Do you need a Makegood ticket to come into the Marketplace on Friday 30th and see your pop up shop? I'd like to come and buy some patterns and badges, but not stick around for any of the talks, so £8 or £10 entry is a little steep.


  11. I've got my ticket for Makegood on Saturday and I can't wait!!!! Hope you don't mind if I bring your book with me for you to sign? I did make the Delphine skirt at the weekend but I'm new to making my own clothes and although I'd happily wear it around the house at the weekend I don't think it's quite up to the standard of wearing to show you :-)


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