13 May 2014

The Excitement Continues...

Love at First Stitch

Wowzers, the past few days have been a whirlwind of excitement! From parties to press (did you see my sewing room in the Sunday Telegraph?), through giving a talk at the Royal Institution for Blogtacular and far too little sleep, I haven't really had time to process how amazing the last week has been.

Thank you SO much for all your support with the book - I really appreciate it. Not only have I been flat out signing and posting books ordered from my shop (they're on their way if you haven't got yours yet!), but Love at First Stitch is also doing really well on Amazon. It's the bestselling book not only in the Craft section (since before its actual release date, in fact!) but also in the wider Home & Garden category. Over the weekend it even made the top 40 chart out of ALL the books on Amazon! How crazy is that for a book about dressmaking?! Just goes to show how popular sewing is becoming - hooray!

It was so lovely that so many of you helped me celebrate the launch at the #LoveAtFirstStitch online book party last Thursday. It's always a little nerve-wracking announcing an Internet gathering in case I end up Tilly-no-mates, but I didn't have to doubt you lovely lot! Loads of you joined in the fun, making a Brigitte scarf and posting a picture on the interwebs. We even had a cat, two dogs and a baby sporting their Brigittes - seriously, go have a look at the Pinterest gallery! (Sorry if I missed your photo, you can always leave a link on this post if I did.) Also, hop over to Alana's blog because she's posted the cuuutest tutorial on making a wire-lined Brigitte scarf - I gotta make one of these.

Oh yes, I promised prizes! Two people with stand-out photos each win a £50 voucher to Fabric Rehab, courtesy of Quadrille. Now this was a tough one to call - and no, not just because of the kitties and doggies - but because seeing ALL of your pictures made my day. But the two I've picked are...

1) Siobhan! How adorable is her Brigitte braid?

... and ...

2) Beth! I squealed when I saw this pic, I just think it's the cutest.

Congrats, you two!

Fancy coming to a book launch party in real life? Don't forget that, this Thursday evening, Lauren is hosting a jolly at Guthrie & Ghani in Birmingham. Apparently lots of you have RSVPd already, which is really exciting - I can't wait to see you there!


  1. wow, how exciting! thank you so much tilly! I've had a look on fabric rehab and there is so much to choose from, I don't know how i'll ever decide! do you need my contact details?

  2. Tilly huge congrats .....Not just a sewing book...so much of you in there too...that makes it special!!
    So well deserved you worked hard for this!
    (still waiting for mine got the subscription from the sewing mag too! just 'cos of you...)
    bestest as ever
    daisy j xxxxx

  3. Congratulations… the book is so gorgeous I'm pleased it's doing well! The Brigette's are all so gorgeous too.

  4. Eeeeeeep how exciting!! Thank you so much! :-)


  5. I think I already commented on a different post, but I'll say it again, huge congratulations! Passion and enthusiasm are infectious and you definitely have both in spades. Payday thus week, so hopefully I'll be ordering my copy soon! Xxx

  6. Sewing has finally entered the 21st century, glad it was you who made that transition. Your book is gorgeous, fun and accessible to anyone with no previous knowledge and a modicum of interest in the subject. You certainly rose to the challenge in style and you're duly reaping the reward of all your hard work. Well done Tilly!

  7. congratulations on your success x

  8. Tilly, I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed seeing your book positively impact the sewing community! Your success is well-earned and well-deserved. I can't wait to get my own copy!

  9. Tilly, I have watched your grow over the years, and I've been so happy for you at every step of the way. You're an inspiration - keep up the good work!

  10. Big well done to you!
    P.s. I can see me in the first photo :)

  11. Love the book Tilly! It's beautiful and the Lilou dress is fab!! Can't wait to start sewing the patterns, plus the Coco, of course!!..... Congratulations!!! Pati x

  12. I just had to say that I am a novice sewer (inspired by the sewing bee but am a knitter at heart) with my new sewing machine at the ready! I have been following your blog as a result of this inspiration and I love it - I have also got the magazine subscription just for the book which was delivered yesterday. I have not put it down since - I don't think I have ever been so excited about a book and it didn't disappoint - I can't wait to get going on the projects.
    Well done on all that you have achieved!

  13. congratulations on your amazing success, you deserve every inch of it! xx

  14. Congratulations on the success of your book! I'm a copyeditor/proofreader in Maine, and Roost Books is one of my clients. I just proofread your U.S. version, and you've got me dragging out the inherited sewing machine, new baby notwithstanding. What fun!

  15. Hi Tilly! I just finished my so lovely (in french we say très "mimi") Mimi blouse: you can see it there: http://lekaffeeklatsch.blogspot.fr/2014/05/mimi-trop-mimi.html
    (i didn't know where to send you the link, I hope you don't mind!)
    Thank you so much for your lovely, funny and beautiful book! It's the very first time I didn't have ANY problem in a sewing project!

  16. Loved being part of your super exciting week, thank you so much for being part of ours x


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