1 May 2014

It's Sewing Indie Month!

Happy Sewing Indie Month everyone!

What am I on about? Weeell... a bunch of us indie pattern designers have joined forces for a month-long celebration of sewing with independent patterns. Yay!

I've been a big champion of indie patterns since I started sewing. The love and attention to detail that goes into each design is just extraordinary, from the stylish designs to the thoughtful instructions, from the gorgeous packaging to the extra support and community element built around this world. Plus it's great to know that when I buy an indie pattern - or promote it on my blog - I'm supporting the women (and at least one man!) who are starting up and running these small, niche businesses. Hooray for indie sewing!

As for designing sewing patterns for a living, I can't tell you how happy it makes me. When I was a kid, the kinds of toys I loved most in the world were those craft kits that showed you how to hand sew and stuff a little cuddly penguin or something with goggly eyes. While of course what I do now is muuuuch more sophisticated (ahem ahem), I do feel that it's a bit like making those kits for grown ups. Grown ups who want to shut off the stress of daily life for a few hours, get down and dirty with fabric and thread, and re-experience that childlike sense of experimentation, pleasure and pride in making something with their own hands. While other indie pattern business owners might not think of what they do in terms of the homemade cuddly penguin analogy, I'm sure they share my enthusiasm for inspiring and empowering people to make stuff. So it's an honour to be collaborating with them.


The designers participating in Sewing Indie Month are:
The idea was the brain child of Mari of Seamster Patterns, who deserves a huge thank you for not only coming up with the idea but basically doing all the work. Thanks Mari!

So what's the plan for Sewing Indie Month? Well, you'll see lots of great content across the internets all month long, born from collaborations between different businesses - including loads of great tutorials to inspire your sewing and interviews where you'll get an insight into how we all do our thing. Plus there will be sewalongs! And prizes! For you!

sewing indie month sewalong rules

There are four different sewalongs, each led by a different sewing blogger - hop on over to their blogs to find out more:

an Indie Love Affair, Wanett of Sown Brooklyn
Dressed to the Nines, Laura of Lilacs and Lace
Everyday Casual, Jenny of Cashmerette
Pattern Hacking, Rhonda of Rhonda's Creative Life

Did someone mention priiiiizes? Check out the full list of goodies up for grabs.

And what's a sewing blogger scheme without a hashtag? Tweet and Instagram your chatter and pics using #SewingIndie. If you've got a blog, you can also show your love by grabbing a button for your side bar:

Sewing Indie Month

Sewing Indie Month

Right, I must get back to it. I've added two extra sizes to the Miette and Mathilde sewing patterns, which sounds like a straightforward process but has actually taken a serious amount of work. I'm currently in the middle of what is possibly the worst part of running an indie sewing pattern business - tiling the patterns so you can print them at home. Zzzzz...



  1. I actually really like the idea of tiling patterns - I think I would find it weirdly satisfying!
    One thought that occurred to me from when I last used one of your print-at-home patterns - it would be really fab to have a note along the lines of 'If you are just making View A you can print only pages 1-3 and 4-7 if you want to save paper'. I ended up surveying the whole file and trying to work it out in my head...

  2. Congrats to all the indie pattern designers! You're such an inspiration. Whatever you're doing on that computer screen looks so complicated; I'm glad you know what you're doing, lol.

  3. Ooh sounds fab! Love these indie companies - they have such gorgeous patterns and the love that goes into each one (and the packaging) just makes you feel all.... well happy. (Sounds sad but true!)

    Look forward to seeing what everybody gets making!

  4. I love all of the indie pattern companies I've discovered and tried out so far and I have a wishlist of the ones I'd like to add to my collection in the near future, too.
    I'd love to take part so have nabbed the button and now have to just find the time to sew. Which is easier said than done.

  5. I love the Goldstream Peacoat pattern, I've loved pea coats since I was a youngster, many, many years ago, but I can't work out who the designer is. I'd love it if you have the time to let me know please. I'm just getting back to dressmaking after having no time whilst I was working, and I'm really liking the indie patterns I've used, including a couple of Cocos!

  6. Wow, exciting! What a great lineup!

  7. I'm really tempted to give this a go. Dress making was where I started but then I became a quilting addict. But I feel like trying my hand at it again. Just need to figure out where to start...

  8. What fantastic patterns and indie designers there are out there.

  9. Hah, this is the perfect push I need to get around to making myself a Newcastle Cardigan! I made my boyfriend one for Christmas and have been meaning to tweak the pattern for myself ever since. I've ended up mainly owning sewing indie patterns- they suit my style far more, and I find they're just all-around better designed for my body. This seems like a splendid excuse to finally bash out some patterns I've been meaning to get around to!

  10. I'm pretty sure I'll be taking part in this - I do like the big 4 pattern companies too and everything but I realised this week that everything I have sewed so far this year has been from an indie sewing company! (By Hand London, Christine Haynes, Gather and Sew Over It!) I've also been knitting indie by knitting Andi Satterlund patterns. I'm such a fangirl! But I really love the fact that you can get to know the designer a little bit, and I think that indie patterns are getting better all the time.

  11. What a co-incidence! For my uni project I'm setting up my own indie pattern company. At the moment I have only 1 pattern, but I'll have another by the end of the project, done more professionally. : )

    I don't have time to sew with other people's patterns now as a lot of special sewing is taken up by uni projects. Is there another way I can help with Sewing Indie Month? Do I have to sew a pattern to have one of those badges on my blog?

  12. What fantastic patterns out there and what a great way to show your love for each other.

  13. My goodness Tilly this sounds exciting, not sure that I am quite ready for it yet but I have purchased your Coco pattern and ordered your lovely signed book so who knows, maybe this time next year I will be ready for it. Many congrats on your book and your success, you deserve it. Big hugs Tilly

  14. I've only always sewn with patterns from sewing magazines, but have been admiring all of the indie ones for ever. Maybe this is the right time to finaly get one and try it out.
    Also, I sometimes work for a small pattern company as a freelancer and do all the tiling and positioning work for them. And I actually really enjoy it, I find it relaxing. But I guess it's different if you've done all of the other work for the pattern yourself and it's just the last step you have to do before you're finally done.

  15. Has the Miette pattern with the extra sizes been updated yet? Thanks for adding more! I can not wait to try it. =D

  16. This listing is so very useful. I had no knowledge of ANY of these pattern makers. Thank you for the share.




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