30 May 2014

It Must Be Dove

To finish off the Sewing Indie Month collaborations, I've written a guest post for Sinbad & Sailor - my buttoned-up hack of Hannah's Dove T pattern. This is a stylishly simple woven t-shirt with bust darts and a split at the back - I decided to fasten the split with buttons. It's a lovely project and I'm looking forward to wearing it when the sun reappears, whenever that may be.

You might recognise the fabric - it's left over from one of the Lilou dresses in my book. It was one of those lucky finds - a beautifully cotton with a fluid drape, only a couple of quid from Brixton market. Shame the pattern isn't quite straight, and every once in a while you find a heart that looks like it's melted (ahh...), but I'm not really bothered about things like that ;)

Despite - or perhaps because of - how stupidly busy I've been preparing for Makegood (I'll be here when you read this!), it was a nice break from packing boxes and preparing documents to sit down and make this project. I love the way sewing helps you to zone out from regular life for a bit while you focus intently on creating something with your hands.

Hop on over to Sinbad & Sailor to find out more about my Dove T hack!