8 October 2013

Resources for Sewing With Knits

Are you scared of sewing with knits? While they do have a reputation for being a little trickier to work with than woven fabrics, they're really not so difficult once you get to know them. A few of you asked me for tips on sewing with knit fabrics when I was making my Breton Tunic Dress. There's so much useful information on the subject already out there, so I thought I'd pull together a little list of resources. Please do share your own recommended resources on sewing with knits in the comments.


There are some brilliant blog posts out there, including:
- Mad Mim's great 'Stretch Yourself' series, which is jam-packed with useful tips and tricks
- Lauren's no nonsense introduction to the topic
Dixie DIY's guide to sewing her ballet dress pattern
Tasia Sewaholic's posts on sewing the Renfrew top
- Steph's posts such as stabilising seams.


Online Sewing Class  Online Sewing Class

Craftsy has some enjoyable video classes, including Beginner Serging if you do have an overlocker/serger (this is the one I've got) or Sewing With Knits if you don't.


As for books, I love Sew U Home Stretch by Wendy Mullin for an introduction to techniques plus some nice staple knit projects to try.

I don't have this one but Rachel reviewed a book called Sew Knits With Confidence, which also sounds interesting.

So that lot should be enough to get you started! What about you - can you recommend any great resources on sewing with knits?

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