22 October 2013

What's On My Sewing Table...

Run a Google Image search on "Wiksten Tova" and you'll be greeted with squillions of absolutely beauuuuutiful homemade blouses. I want in. To celebrate their website makeover, Backstitch sent me the pattern to play with, so on breaks between writing I'm making it up in a super soft ikat cotton that I bought aaaages ago from John Lewis.

It's my first time using a Wiksten pattern and there are a few points of interest worth mentioning. The first thing that struck me was how stylish the pattern looks. While the format is simple - black and white A4 paper print outs - the minimalism and DIY vibe is rather appealing. The instructions are illustrated with black and white photos and hand drawings. It kinda got me thinking that converting my own patterns from print-at-home to ready-printed doesn't necessarily have to be a major, costly operation. (Although if I do go down that route, knowing my perfectionist tendencies I probably will turn it into a major, costly operation.) The pattern comes in two versions - sizes XS to M or sizes L to XL. I usually straddle three pattern sizes, so was relieved to discover that with just an inch or so of grading I could get away with using one size. And one final thing to note if you're using a Wiksten pattern - the seam allowance is 3/8", which is fine with me as it saves both fabric and trimming seams, but worth remembering before you start stitching.

I'm really enjoying making the Tova blouse so far and am already dreaming of another version in a snuggly Nani Iro double knit.

If you fancy getting your own copy of the pattern, or anything else from the shiny new Backstitch website, then I bring good tidings! Alice from Backstitch is offering you 10% off all products from today until Thursday 24th October (midnight GMT) - just use the code WLTIL at checkout. What's more, anyone who places an order with Backstitch in the month of October gets entered into a Grand Prize Draw, with the chance to win money off your order and generous discounts. For all the details of how to enter, check out the Backstitch blog.

What's on your sewing table please?

[Soundtrack: 'Motoring Home' by Sweet Baboo]