25 October 2013

Sew Over It Sewing Patterns

There's a new line of sewing patterns in town! The Clapham sewing cafe Sew Over It have begun publishing patterns that they teach with in their classes. Aren't they cute?

Open up the sturdy card envelope and you'll find a traditional tissue pattern with a little instructions booklet, with steps delicately illustrated by hand. The patterns come in seven sizes. Magically, one of the sizes conforms to my proportions exactly! Even my own sewing patterns don't do that (contrary to the myth that indie sewing pattern designers release patterns that fit their own body shape, when I publish a pattern I draft it from scratch to a set of measurements based on proportions more common than my own). So anyway, not having to combine three pattern sizes is really exciting for me!

The question is which one to make first... I was originally most excited by the tea dress, but now I'm thinking about trying a little black jersey wrap dress. The short one on the left is seriously sexy, non? Get your hands on your own Sew Over It patterns here.