15 October 2013

The End is Nigh!

Today I thought I'd share a little progress report on the book, since I know some of you are keen to hear a bit more about what's going on behind the scenes. Plus it's nice for me to reflect on how far I've come to spur me on towards the finishing line :)

Writing a craft book doesn't actually involve that much writing. I mean, it does, but that's the easy part. In addition to the writing, there's also designing, testing, sourcing materials for, making, photographing and formatting all the projects, as well as liaising with all the different people who work on the book, from design and editorial through to sales and publicity. It's a complicated logistical process to get everything done, in the right order, with the right people - in fact, I had to make a ridiculous looking flow chart to get it all straight in my head before scheduling it into a calendar, and even then I need to switch processes round occasionally as different requests come in at unexpected times. Luckily I'm working with a fantastic team of people who I totally trust to make this book amazing.

The photo studio kitty

I've been making really good progress, and am now facing the final stretch. Fingers very tightly crossed - I should have submitted everything in 4 weeks' time. Woop! It's been hard work, but all in all has been going well. The only time I kinda exploded was for a few minutes last week when a couple of other projects I've got going on clashed with a series of book deadlines. It's so important to stay focused to do the things you wanna do - eye of the tiger and all that. I'm absolutely LOVING being a craft author! It is SO fulfilling I sometimes forget to go outside for three days in a row (true story) and a tub of ice cream has been sitting untouched in the freezer for weeks now (I know!!!).

Wish me luck with the final stretch!

[Soundtrack: '(Drawing) Rings Around the World' by Super Furry Animals]