1 October 2013

Scallop Pocket Miette Skirt

Don't you just love a quickie dressmaking project? My third Miette skirt took all of two hours to make - it's so easy! The perfect way to spend a chilly Autumnal evening in my book is to start with some fabric and finish with a skirt. I'd seen so many gorgeous Miette skirts all over the internet recently that I couldn't resist whipping up another one for myself.

I'm definitely on a roll with sewing for my style - this is the kind of skirt I'd wear every day with a jumper or Breton top and various shades of coloured tights (mmm... coloured tights...). This time I hacked the pocket pattern to make a scalloped shape, inspired by this skirt that Casey made ages ago and which I still think about - love it so! I edged the pockets in red topstitching thread to highlight the shape.

Have you made Miette yet? You can buy the pattern here. Do share a picture if it's not already on the Pinterest board!

[Soundtrack: 'You Know I'm No Good' by Amy Winehouse]