6 April 2022

Bethany Rutter's Sewing Style!

Bethany Rutter's Sewing Style!

Hi makers! We've got a gorgeous blog post for you today, courtesy of one of our Indigo sewing pattern models, Bethany Rutter. Not only is Bethany #StyleGoals, but she's also a talented author and it just so happens the protagonist of her latest book Welcome To Your Life is just as obsessed with sewing as us. 

Let's hand things over to Bethany for some serious sewing inspiration...

Bethany Rutter - Welcome To Your Life

Serena, the protagonist of my new book Welcome To Your Life, lives to sew. She would rather be sewing than doing pretty much anything else: for her, it's a relaxation tool, a hobby, but most importantly a way of reclaiming her personal style from fashion brands that don't want to make clothes in her size. Throughout the book, Serena makes loads of different pieces for different occasions, and here are a few more size-inclusive styles I think she would love to make!

Bethany wearing a white broderie anglaise Indigo dress


In the book, Serena does actually make an outfit featuring white Broderie Anglaise so it felt fitting to include the Tilly and the Buttons pattern that I modelled in a white Broderie Anglaise! Serena is quite a low-key dresser (unlike her colleague Nicole) so the Indigo add-on sewing pattern in this pretty fabric represents the perfect mix of a more relaxed shape with a sweet, summery edge.

Model wearing a pastel Billie sweater dress


The perfect Saturday for Serena is being able to knock out a project in an afternoon and the Billie sweater sewing pattern would be a chilled-out Saturday make for Serena. I think she would love the fact that this jersey fabric is reversible and such a cute shade of pink!

Model wearing a dark green Pearl wrap cardigan with jeans


Over the course of the novel, Serena becomes more adventurous with her clothes and makes a leopard print coat so I thought it seemed right that she would make the Pearl cardigan in this great leopard print terry jersey for transitional days when it's not quite faux fur weather!

Model wearing a pink and red floral Skye sundress


Serena's London flat has a makeshift roof terrace and I just love the idea of her sunbathing in a Skye sundress with a print that represents city life! I'm absolutely obsessed with conversational prints and I feel like this cotton lawn would make a beautiful Skye!

Model wearing mustard needlecord Erin dungarees


Serena's colleague Nicole is also a plus-size babe but has a more daring style than Serena. Nicole is extremely admiring of Serena's sewing skills, and I think she would absolutely adore for Serena to make her custom Erin dungarees in this eye-catching cord!

Bethany wearing a pink with red spot Indigo dress with puff sleeves and skirt tiers


Thank you Bethany for that dose of sewing serotonin. I don't know about you, but we're now itching to get to know these stylish characters and can't wait to read Welcome to Your Life!


Photography: Jane Looker