12 May 2012

DIY Couture Giveaway Winners

So many of you like the sound of the DIY Couture book! Well, three of you lucky people get to win one... and the rest of you should go and buy it! It was so interesting to read all the comments on the giveaway post about your experiences of sewing without patterns and the different viewpoints on what's important in a home sewn garment. Plus it's always nice to discover some new blogs by people who leave comments - I think that's my Saturday morning gone :)

The winners of the giveaway are:

  1. This book sounds great, I have learnt how to sew basics and to be honest patterns do make me hesitate because they seem so complicated. . .I think this kind of book would be perfect for someone like me that knows the basics but just needs a bit of a nudge to actually jump in and get going:)
  2. Ooo... the book looks fantastic! The closest I've come to going patternless is to pin-trace off an existing garment - it worked surprisingly well!
  1. I tried to make a dress without a pattern once, and it was a complete disaster! I think the thing I learnt most was that you need to have patience with things like this, take the time to think about what you're doing. I have a tendency to get a bit scissor happy!

Bon weekend, tout le monde! Anyone got any exciting sewing plans, by any chance?

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