9 May 2012

Red Button-Back Blouse

*Update: Due to popular demand, the sewing pattern for this blouse is now available to buy*

Should I rename this blog Tilly and the Button-Back Blouse? Yes, my friends, I've made another one! This time with two panels of vertical pleating on the bodice. I think this one is my favourite :) Making this pattern up multiple times has allowed me to experiment with the design features - compare it to the first basic boxy blouse, the second with puffed sleeves and Peter Pan collar, and the third with horizontal pleating at the yoke. It has also allowed me to tweak the fitting along the way - I'm much happier with the hem length and cuff ease on this one.

After much introspection, I chose these buttons because I'm a sucker for fabric-covered buttons and because I want to give people a little surprise pop of colour when I turn around. Ooh...! I really love it!

I haven't yet come up with a snazzy name for this pattern, so for now it's just "button-back blouse" (any suggestions?). But you'll be pleased to hear I think I've got the pattern out of my system for a while, so my next sewing project will be something different - promise!

PS. I'm struggling to get on with the new Blogger blog reading list thingey and somewhere along the line I seem to have lost a lot of the blogs I used to follow. I'm thinking of starting again with a new blog reader, maybe Bloglovin'. Do you use it? Or can you recommend another good blog reader? Thank you!

[Soundtrack: 'Cylons in Love' by Bent]