29 May 2012

Sewing in the Park

What do you do when it's a beautiful sunny weekend but you're desperate to finish a sewing project? I faced this dilemma on Saturday as the park was beckoning but I wanted to wear my Picnic Blanket Skirt the next day. So I finished the machine stitching faster than the speed of light, packed a mini sewing kit and took it to the park to hand-stitch the buttons while sitting on the grass and chatting with friends. Bliss! A few people were definitely staring at me thinking I'm a crazy lady, but by August I reckon they'll all be doing it.

I'm determined to enjoy nature and relaxing (a bit!) this Summer but I don't want to slow down on the sewing. Do you face the same dilemma? How do you get round it?

[Soundtrack: 'A Real Hero' by College & Electric Youth]