23 May 2012

Five French Sewing Blogs

Bonjour mes amis! Do you read sewing blogs in a language other than English? I'm always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration and every so often I stumble upon a site which reminds me that there's a whole other stitching world out there than the US, UK, Australian and Canadian sewing blogs which dominate my blog roll. I can read French well, Spanish a little and with other foreign language sewing blogs I simply enjoy looking at the pictures! I thought I'd share some lovely French sewing blogs I've discovered recently...

A sewing, knitting and lifestyle blog with such beautiful photography. And oh that Breton top!

Félicie à Paris
Mathilde has a lovely style, snapping homemade outfits by the light of her Paris apartment window. Plus it's always nice to find someone with (almost) the same name as me!

Les petites envies de Mag
I stumbled upon this site when hunting pictures of Victory Patterns makes. This lady has such a cute style - just look at that lovely version of Anouk!

Atelier Charlotte Auzou
A talented self-taught stitcher who launched her own clothing collection last year, as well as one-to-one sewing lessons for people who want to learn to make her designs themselves at home.

Made by 6
Super chic and super laid back at the same time. Oh and just one of many participants of the French Me-Made-April!

Do you have favourite non-English language sewing blogs? Perhaps you blog in another language yourself? I'm planning to follow up this post with some guest bloggers introducing us to their favourite non-English sewing blogs so please do share your favourite links if you'd like to guest post about sewing blogging in a particular country or language... À bientôt!