2 May 2012

Mix-and-Match Homemade Wardrobe


May is a particularly special month for sewing bloggers, an extra long festival of homemade clothing, if you will. Many of us celebrate our creativity by wearing self-stitched outfits for 31 days in a row as part of Me-Made-May. I really enjoy preparing for the month by pulling out all the things I've made and giving them pride of place at the front of the clothing rail. Totally messing up the rainbow colour spectrum I usually have going, but all in the name of an important cause, people! 

I though it'd be nice to snap all the garments I'm planning to wear this month on a hanger, to help me visualise new combinations or new ways of accessorising my homemade things in a new way. Kinda like playing dress up dolls! Click on the garment images if you want to see posts from when I made each thing.

I'm not going to be photographing every outfit I wear as to be honest self-photography is my least favourite part of blogging... plus it makes me late for work! Instead I'm sharing pictures my favourite outfits from the month on a dedicated board on my Pinterest page (day one is up there right now). Yes, I am still obsessed with Pinterest!

For those of you who celebrate it, Happy Me-Made-May!

[Soundtrack: 'Year of the Tiger' by St. Vincent]